This is the first ever game I've ever created! 

Finally done! Took me a whole 3 days to finish it. Whew!

I know it's still not perfect so feel free to leave some feedbacks so I can fix the game and improve the quality of my future projects. 

And thanks for playing, your support means a lot to me.

I hope you enjoy the game :)



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Hello Trxton! I started a let's play channel yesterday and my video of this game will be up in 2 days. I'm really sorry I can't support you as I don't have any digital credits. I think there's a bug in your game and you should take a look at it. Other than that, I loved your game and the catchy soundtrack! Here's my channel if you want to view my video in 2 days :

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Oh can you point out the bug for me? I didn't seem to find it. Anyways, I'm really glad you enjoyed the game and I'll definitely check that video of yours. Thanks a bunch!

The video will come out tomorrow and you can checkit out there. To let you know, the math doesn't add up when I did all the tasks and got all the bucks becase in the end, it always said I had 7 bucks after completing every single task. I played through the game 4 times and did everything I could so I'm sure it can't be my fault but who knows. Thanks for getting back to me though (I downloaded the game instead of playing it on a browser)!

Yep I watched your video already. Sorry you have to go trough this game 4 times, it seems that the total changed depending on which quest you finish first, but it's fixed now. Thanks for the video and for pointing it out :D

I see. Well thank you for confirming! By the way, I think everyone needs such a wholesome game in the times of chaos right now. I look forward to you creating some more games like this!

how do you give the letter to merry?

Oh, first you need to complete her request, which is taking the book. After you got the letter talk to her again then she'll accept it!

sweet game.

Thanks man :)

Such a cute game! I like it! It's short and sweet, the message from dev at the bar was nice too. I liked how going to your sister's house changed the colour scheme, although I didn't quite understand how the train station is accessed by scaling the building wall lol. I think it can benefit with diff soundtracks for diff areas, and better movement mechanics but otherwise it's really pleasant to play, and makes me smile. :)

Right. I still can't figure out how to make the avatar teleport by giving the ticket hahah. Thanks for the comment, really appreciate it :D

Really well done for a first attempt that was a joy to play through and super feels good. The only things I can complain about that are all minor things is the Dad's name is Son at the end I wish it was a download game instead of a browser game(just my preference) and I wish all the things you interacted with would give you all the dialogues that were available at that point in the game without having to click the object multiple times. Great game though my full play through here: 


Oh, right. Good eye there! Gonna fix it right away! Thanks for the comment, really appreciate it :D *and the video made me smile a lot*

Thanks for responding and making it! Hopefully will see more of your projects in the future!